How to Set Christmas Table: Setting Guide

A well-set Christmas table makes all the difference at Christmas dinner time, it makes the food tastier, gives a better atmosphere and coziness, and makes the space enchanting, charming, elegant and sophisticated. However, setting up a Christmas table is not a difficult task and we are going to show you some quick and simple tips to help you on this very special date.

At a Christmas table, all the details make the difference. So it's important to have some creativity, inspiration, disposition and lots of love. For this, it is necessary to give priority to comfort, which is why it is essential to choose the tablecloth, tableware, flatware and then all the decorative items.


The towel is an item that protects the table from small accidents with food and drink during the meal. It's worth remembering that tablecloths give a much more cozy look to the environment.


Colors can be different according to the type of decoration and references you want to use. After placing the towel, define the places and, if possible, considering a distance of 60 cm between the plates. This minimum distance is recommended for all guests to be comfortable.



After choosing the towel, the next item that must be placed on the table is the showplate or simply the dish plate. It's the basis for changing dishes, so it's ideal to keep it throughout Christmas dinner.

The showplate leaves the table more protected from the hot surfaces of the dishes, not to mention that it makes the table richer, more elegant.


Tableware and Flatware

To better decorate your table and make your Christmas dinner more enjoyable, choose your best tableware and flatware, matching the colors of these elements. You can choose between red, green, white, silver or gold. Other combinations also apply – gold or silver are quite charming colors.

flatware and tableware

If you want to give an even more special touch to the Christmas table, it's worth investing in a personalized napkin.

napkin ring

Table Setting

When it comes to setting an informal table for a casual dinner or holiday meal like Christmas, it will be helpful to know how to set up a casual table setting, a slightly more elegant version of the basic table setting.

For a christmas table setting, just follow the instructions below:

  • Place the plate centered in front of the chair.
  • Fold a napkin and place it to the left of your plate (or on top of your plate, if you prefer).
  • Place the table fork on the left side (on top of the napkin, if placed there).
  • Place the table knife on the right side of the plate, blade pointing in.
  • Place the table spoon on the right side of the knife.
  • Always align cutlery bottoms.
  • The glass of water must be placed directly above the knife.
  • Place the salad fork on the left side of the table fork, if serving salad.
  • Place the soup plate on top of the table plate and a table spoon on the right, if serving soup.
  • Salad, bread and butter plates are on the left side of the forks, positioned in the upper left corner with the bread or butter knife placed on the plate.
  • Wine glass are placed in the upper right corner of the table next to the water glass.

table setting

Table Decor

Christmas table decorations are essential for setting the holiday mood. Here, the ideal is to harmoniously divide the Christmas ornaments along the entire length of the Christmas table.

If you want to start decorating your Christmas table, you can start by adding Christmas ornaments, as they are responsible for bringing a pleasant energy to the space and help spread Christmas magic around the house.

table decor

Speaking of candles, in addition to being a cheap and easily accessible item, it makes the environment more cozy and refined, if placed in a candlestick or in an antler, the decoration becomes even more sophisticated.

christmas candle antler


Whatever the tableware, flatware or decoration that you use, organize your christmas table to enjoy this special day in the best possible way. You can purchase this items, according to your possibilities through our Online Store.

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