Tableware and Table Linen 2022 Trends

Before we start, today we would like to share with you a quote from Steve Jobs where it refers to, decor / design we put in everything. It comes within our heart and soul, only in this way do we give life to the things we have created and appreciated.

"In the vocabulary of most people, design means appearance. It is interior decoration, it is the fabric of curtains, the sofa. But for me, nothing could be so far from the meaning of design. Design is the fundamental soul of a human creation, which ends up expressing itself in successive external layers of the product or service ".

Tableware and Table Linen 2022 Trends

We all liked to follow trends in fashion, to wear well-fitting shoes, and how could it not be, we also have to dress our tables well, with good taste and great shiny.

Making a careful selection of dinnerware for each meal will help create a great atmosphere to turn an ordinary lunch or dinner into an unique experience. For this, 2022 brings with it a variety of table decoration trends, which are expressed through colors, textures and contrasts.

2022 Trending Colors

When it comes to adding color to your table, 2022 brings with it fantastic colors that make every meal a unique experience, such as coral rose, pale blue, gray-green, mint, turquoise, aquamarine tones, almond, ivory, vanilla, cream and warming colors, which provide an excellent atmosphere at your table.

Primary colors such as yellow, red and blue are heavily used this year, particularly in hand-painted patterns on white tableware and table linen, thus offering bright contrasts to any table.

2022 Tableware and Table Linen Trending Colors

In order to create a symbiosis between nature and the outside world, earthy browns, such as saturated chocolate, not only convey a relaxing, warm and deep feeling, but also create a magnificent decoration.

Blacks, grays and metallic tones, which create an attractive contrast between lightness and darkness, match perfectly with textured, bulky, asymmetrical pieces or with white tableware, a color that also never goes out of trends, as its neutrality allows the focus to be on cutlery, glasses and table linen. Due to the white color combinatorial nature, it guarantees harmony to your table, no matter what elements are chosen to complete the table for your meal.

2022 Tableware and Table Linen Trending Colors

Dishware and Cutlery

For 2022, pieces with texture, robustness, character, a very contemporary hand-crafted look and deliberately uneven, decorated in warm colors which may be mixed and matched to excellence, creates an intense and at the same time relaxing atmosphere.

Due to the timeless of forks, spoons and knives made of traditional stainless steel, they will never go out of style, however for greater elegance in the table presentation, this year the trend is for cutlery in gold, bronze, brass or black plating, with comfortable handles without any type of pattern or ornaments, also highlighting the finer and elongated cutlery or with a semi-matte finish.

cutlery in gold


With the trend of tableware and table linen becoming less and less formal, glasses have also been standing out and 2022 brings thicker and more robust glasses, in terms of their rims and stems, less polished, with different color patterns and finishes. Stackable melamine glasses and vintage-style pressed glass goblets, in a variety of colors and shapes, will also be essential on your table.

Glassware 2022 Trends


This year doesn't stop surprising us and brings with it a complete freedom in choosing table linen, once trends range from rustic to the most maximalist and creative.

Warm colors, soft geometric shapes, swirling patterns and curved edges appear as one of this year's trends, which take us back to the past and the end of the 20th century, and give to your table a classic touch and a pleasant atmosphere.

Napery trends 2022

With a connection to rural life and contemporary style, linen in pastel tones, wrinkled and in different bright patterns, also appears in great prominence and is perfect for a more informal and relaxed table decoration.

Modern placemats are currently a very strong and maximalist trend and are very practical, as they protect the table from spills and scratches. In addition to adding texture and color to your table, they feature a variety of fun shapes and colors that can be mixed and matched with each other.

Napery Trends 2022


Who likes to excel by difference, likes to have different utensils on your table. That's why the decoration deserves special attention when it comes to choosing the tableware and table linen best suited to the different meals. Your personal tastes, imagination and creativity will always be considered the best trend.

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