Bright Kitchen

The Bright-Kitchen was born into a family in the branch of cutlery for over 100 years.

The accumulation of experience and knowledge of the area, makes us a more asset to our customers and business partners.

 We work with brands and products of high quality and national and international renown, such as, Belo Inox, Cutipol , Herdmar, Topázio  and Batil, with a strong link between producers and artisans.

In fact, we have a wide range of products to catering and hospitality sector. Furthermore, we bet in a personalized and in a maximum quality service, giving priority to work closely with all our business partners, offering very competitive rates and after-sales support.

Therefore, we aim to be the best in a market that is increasingly demanding. The motto of this company “Alone we progress faster, but together we will go further”.

We represent the Portuguese brands with the most prestigious at a national or international level.

Furthermore, we personalize:

  • Cutlery
  • Dishes
  • Glasses

The Bright-Kitchen has a wide range of products, customizable, in accordance with the style and desire of the client. We sell high quality cutlery and we can plate it into 24 carat gold with a personalized logo which can be the company or client name and there is also the possibility of encrust Swarosky crystals. To sum up, we can customize catering and hospitality articles for professional and domestic use.

Bright -Kitchen redefine the good taste