Return policies


May return / termination of the contract in the following situations:

The customer has the right to return the purchase within a maximum period of 8 days from the date of delivery of the good / order.

If you want to make a return must first get in touch with us via email, by phone number +351938144421.

Items returned must be in perfect condition, complete and properly packed in the original package and without any signs of actual use.

In case of withdrawal or customer error the delivery and return will be the customer's responsibility.

The Bright Kitchen only responsible for the return postage and for reference if there is an internal error and the product sent does not match the request if the product proves origin of defects and has been damaged during transport. In these last two cases the exchange will have to be made for the same item. If you want to make the exchange for another different item, the return postage and referral will be the customer's responsibility.

Returns, cancellations or refunds do not apply to custom goods, a situation under the law:

"Supply of goods produced or ordered according to the consumer's specifications or clearly personalized can not be returned."

Items that are on this web site and colors that are close as possible to the genuine, but remember that in some cases may not correspond 100% to reality. For specific cases, please check all information with the technical department before ordering, since the returns for technical reasons will be the customer's responsibility.

Important Note: We recommend that you pay attention to the external condition of the pack as it may reflect a possible damage to the product.

At the time of delivery and in the presence of the courier must check the condition of the product before signing the Portes Guide and thus accept the order.

If the product is damaged, please send us the photograph and the photo to the email a maximum of 24 hours.

The product verification state is considered as effected once the signed Ports guide.

Any package received in our Sender ID no facilities or sent to recovery will not be accepted.

The information concerning the right to terminate the contract by the consumer (private client) are described in detail in Decree-Law No. 143/2001 and Decree-Law No. 82/2008.

Referring to the right to terminate the contract by the Companies, Institutions, Liberal Professionals and Entrepreneurs sole proprietorships applies the general law of the Portuguese Civil Code, in particular the rules set forth in Decree-Law 67/2003.

Can resolve doubts about returns and other events via phone +351938144421 or