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Höfats SPIN 120 Tabletop Fireplace

Höfats SPIN 120 Tabletop Fireplace

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Experience the Transformative Power of a Multi-Awarded Design that Radiates 500% More Flame and Delivers Unmatched Coziness ♨️


🔥 Immerse yourself in the warmth and captivating spectacle of the Höfats SPIN 120 Tabletop Fireplace, an award-winning masterpiece that redefines the way you experience fire. With its ingenious design that amplifies flames by 500% and produces a mesmerizing rotating flame vortex, SPIN transforms any gathering into an enchanting oasis of warmth and ambience.

Unparalleled Warmth and Coziness:

The SPIN 120 radiates an impressive 2500 W of heat, providing a delightful sense of warmth that extends far beyond conventional candles or tea light stoves. Its flame-enhancing design ensures that the radiant heat is evenly distributed, enveloping you in a comfortable cocoon of cozy warmth.

Safe and Sustainable Burning:

Powered by organic Höfats bioethanol, the SPIN 120 burns safely, odorlessly, and smokelessly, eliminating any unpleasant fumes or lingering odours. This eco-friendly fuel source ensures that your gatherings are not only warm and inviting but also environmentally responsible. 🤍

Versatility for Indoor and Outdoor Use:

Whether you're seeking a touch of warmth on a chilly evening in the living room or creating a mesmerizing atmosphere on your balcony or patio, the SPIN 120 seamlessly transitions from indoor to outdoor settings. Its compact size and elegant design make it a versatile addition to any living space.

Enchanting Light Effects and Eye-Catching Flames:

The SPIN 120 mesmerizes with its captivating rotating flame display, creating an unforgettable visual spectacle that captivates onlookers. The swirling flames and glowing embers transform any occasion into a magical experience.

High-Quality Craftsmanship and Durability:

Crafted from premium stainless steel and borosilicate glass, the SPIN 120 is built to endure countless gatherings and years of enjoyment. Its robust construction ensures that it remains a stylish and functional centerpiece for your home.

Dimensions: Base: Ø 23 cm, glass tube: Ø 12 cm, 54 cm height mounted Weight: 4.3 kg

Unleash the Enchanting Power of the Höfats SPIN 120 Tabletop Fireplace and Elevate Your Indoor and Outdoor Gatherings with a Symphony of Warmth, Enthralling Flames, and Unparalleled Coziness.

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