Bright Kitchen in 2024 by Idalina Pereira

Astrology suggests that 2024 is a year of realization, a time to breathe life into seeds planted in previous years. Embracing this cosmic energy, Bright Kitchen, founded by Idalina Pereira, is making dreams come true, adding even more radiance to our dining experiences.

Our lives often take unexpected turns, guided by serendipitous events. Allow me to share a brief story. Born into the world of cutlery business, surrounded by a family with a cutlery history dating back to 1908, I initially pursued a different path—a 23-year career as an academic and teacher.

However, the allure of the cutlery world persisted. Throughout my teaching years, I continued to share and sell the finest cutlery, always keeping the family legacy alive. The desire to create my own company and extend our family history became increasingly strong.

In 2015, I fulfilled that dream by launching our online store, and the journey has been fascinating. The inaugural sale, heading to Portugal, was particularly special as the customer chose the same cutlery we had at home.

Now, after all these years, I am excited to introduce the THOMAS porcelain brand—a brand I selected when I got married to adorn my table. The choice wasn't just about elegance; it was about the boldness of having a collection where plates were not traditional rounds. The "VARIO" collection exudes beauty and sophistication.

Twenty-four years later, it remains the dinnerware set I use, with many replacements, of course. As 2024 unfolds as the year of realization, we kick-started by launching the "Swarovski" crystal brand, embodying refinement and luxury. Yet, for our day-to-day needs, we also understand the importance of practical yet elegant tableware.

This week, we proudly introduce two distinguished brands, ARZBERG and "THOMAS," known for their quality and sophistication. These brands elevate our dining experience with the luxury we crave.

Dear customers, I invite you to explore these new additions, brands that complement our meals with a touch of excellence. Bright Kitchen continues to evolve, bringing dreams to life and adding a touch of elegance to every table.

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