Take Your Kitchen to the Next Level with These Top 6 Trends!

Hello again! Today I'm bringing you some inspiring trends and practical tips for renovating or upgrading your kitchen. Our blog is your guide to transforming your home into a comfortable, functional and stylish space. Discover creative ideas, exciting DIY projects and the latest in design to breathe new life into your home.

Open plan kitchens continue to be in vogue, integrating the kitchen with the living or dining room to create a sense of fluidity and connection between the spaces.

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Dark cabinetry, such as black, graphite or navy blue, is popular as it adds a touch of drama and sophistication to the room and contrasts elegantly with lighter elements.

The use of natural materials such as wood, stone and concrete in the kitchen brings a sense of warmth and authenticity to the space, creating a homely, organic atmosphere.


Photo of Sonnie Hiles

Functional kitchen islands continue to be key elements in interior design projects, now designed to be more practical with additional storage, large work surfaces and even integrated sinks and hobs.

Portuguese Handmade tiles, geometric patterned backsplashes and colourful mosaics are current trends for adding visual interest to kitchens. These creative details can stand out as focal points and add personality to the space.

Oversized kitchen lighting has been used to add style and functionality to kitchens through the use of oversized pendant lights or dramatic ceiling lights. They can be useful for defining areas within a room.


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