Collection: VITA

Vita is the electric citrus juicer that gives you energy throughout your day. In addition to its modern and slender design, inspired by the iconic "V" shape, Vita is a dynamic appliance: the electric juicer can be tilted to facilitate pouring.



How many times have you been told that a citrus fruit juice is one of the healthiest and best ways to get through your day and strengthen your immune system? Whether you choose it for breakfast or as a mid-morning break, or whether you offer it as a refreshing drink to those who drop by for a visit, superior juicing will require the help of a premium citrus juicer like Vita. Its striking presence will not only bring joy to your home, but also provide you with the right daily dose of energy and vitamins!



Vita is an electric citrus juicer with a slender and unique design; its dynamic and distinctive "V" shape is inspired by the gesture of squeezing and pouring. When using it, you can tilt its body by 60° to pour out the freshly squeezed juice. In short, Vita is simple to use, and it simplifies your life!



With just a light touch on the cone, the motor starts up at a speed of 90-95 rotations per minute. Its materials make the Vita juicer elegant and technically robust.



The Vita citrus squeezer is available in a myriad of colours. The functional character is thus combined with a lively and joyful appearance, giving you the opportunity to express your personality in the kitchen too.