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Castelbel Sardine Candle (+ scented bookmarker)

Castelbel Sardine Candle (+ scented bookmarker)

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Transport your kitchen to the sun-soaked shores of Portugal with our Castelbel Sardine Collection 🐟

Our Aromatic Candle, presented in a sleek white glass vessel adorned with a practical cork lid. Unleash the enchanting fragrance as you light the candle, and when the moment fades, use the cork lid to preserve its allure.

With an approximate burning time of 30 hours, this candle is a lasting companion for your moments of tranquility.

Specifically crafted for post-cooking bliss, it effortlessly removes unwanted odors, leaving your space refreshed and inviting.

Indulge in the sensory experience as the candle transforms your surroundings, creating a haven of serenity and charm.

 Inspired by the vibrant Portuguese fishing tradition, the collection features playful, colorful motifs on each box. 

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