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White Crane Aromatic Candle 210g

White Crane Aromatic Candle 210g

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The White Crane Aromatic Candle features a water-green ceramic cup, decorated with a graceful fluted effect, which conveys the relaxing feeling of a walk through a bamboo forest.

Each candle cup is individually created and handcrafted by master potters using artisanal techniques. Each piece is unique and unrepeatable, full of subtle variations in shape, color, and other unique details.

A blend of citrusy freshness from Yuzu with grassy and earthy notes from Vetiver, to which we add a juicy touch of Mandarina, is the fragrance chosen for this candle. A soothing, airy, light fragrance that exudes serenity and harmony.

All this packaged in a luxurious box decorated with exclusive illustrations, adorned with resplendent gold leaf details.

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